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Total Web Marketing gets the Last Laugh!

Welcome to our zany world of digital marketing, where we combine the power of strategy with a dash of personality to bring you outstanding results. We are not your typical “boring-suit-and-tie” agency; we’re more like a misfit group of creative geniuses who believe that marketing should be both effective and entertaining.

We’ll dive deep into the sea of data, climb the tallest mountains of algorithms, and trek through the wildest jungles of social media, all to deliver mind-blowing results for your business.

Who We Are

Two Colleagues with a dream and the power of a team



AKA: The Jedi

Front-End Developer, Designer and UX Designer with over 10 years of experience in all of the above and SEO. This guy is strong with the force!

About Us


AKA: The Viking

An SEO Specialist with lots of experience in all things SEO you’ll ever need including Link Building, Data Analytics and E-commerce. He sure packs a punch!

About Us

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Online Awesomeness, One Campaign at a Time!

At Total Web Marketing, we’ve got a treasure trove of benefits ready to unleash your brand’s true potential in the digital realm! Picture this: a grandiose stage where your business takes the spotlight, captivating a vast and enthusiastic audience like never before. Our expertise in wielding the online magic of marketing allows you to cast spells that target your ideal customers with pinpoint accuracy. It’s like having a personalized marketing genie who grants your every wish, ensuring that your message reaches the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

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Unleash Your Power!

Let’s Level Up Together!

Embrace the quirky charm and bubbling enthusiasm that define our team. We mix humor with professionalism, creating an environment where collaboration feels like an adventure and excitement never wanes. Join forces with Total Web Marketing, and together, we’ll conquer the digital landscape, planting your brand’s flag firmly atop the mountain of online supremacy! Let’s embark on this exhilarating journey of growth and achievement, where we guarantee that even marketing dragons will bow before your prowess!

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